Dominique Preyer

Hear It – Clear It Music Supervision

Dominique Preyer, owner of Hear It – Clear It Music Supervision, and a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, is an experienced music supervisor with a background in music publishing and songwriting. He has music supervised over 50 films and served as executive producer and producer on two short films. Dominique has an in-depth knowledge of music clearance & licensing, copyright law, licensing agreements and many other administrative responsibilities. Soon after moving to Nashville, TN in 1993, Dominique began working at Mercury Records. Learning how a record label works from the inside would later come into play in his career. After a short stay at Mercury, he began working at Acuff-Rose Publishing (now owned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing) where he worked as a copyright assistant. This is where his knowledge of licensing music for films and television grew. This experience has become an essential asset to his role as a music supervisor