Lee Mayer

President/CEO Houla Entertainment

Lee Mayer is the President and CEO of Houla Entertainment, which she founded just under eight years ago. She brought her love of live music and animal rescue causes together by coordinating multiple large fundraisers. With Lee’s leadership and guidance, Houla Entertainment has become a well-respected and award-winning industry leader nationally and is quickly earning an international reputation for the quality of talent represented across all genres for bookings in the college market. Although Houla focuses primarily on the college market, we have successfully branched out into other markets, including festival, fair, military, corporate, cruise lines and private markets/venues of all sizes; we have also placed Artists on Broadway productions and are currently working on others for a TV series.

With the start of the Events division in 2017, Houla offers complete event coordination services to corporate clients across the United States, from middle buying world-renowned acts, “The Voice” artists and up-and-coming performers, to full production services. Houla has a diverse roster of its own that would address most any event request with artists based in the USA and Canada, as well as with artists from South Africa, Ireland, and the UK, and covering music of all genres, comedic acts and family-friendly entertainment.