Michael Eastwood

Mastermind Promotion

Michael Eastwood founded Mastermind Promotion (est. 2006), a UK & U.S music-focused 360 PR, Marketing, and modern Label Services platform, based in London. His company Mastermind has developed an innovative Go-To-Market strategy for artists and brands in the music industry leading to awards, major record deals, large festival bookings, international tours and top 20 chart success.

Michael Eastwood project manages and consults artists in all areas that are proven to have a direct impact on their success. He specializes in Publicity, Radio, Branding, Social Media and Artist Development, to help musicians achieve their vision.

As a publicist, he is known for his ability to obtain press in major publications, radio stations and TV. The BBC Network, Rolling Stone, NME, and MOJO, are examples of publicity Michael Eastwood has achieved for his artists. Working campaigns for musicians, music brands and festivals such as Van Morrison, Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), Secret Garden Party Festival and Busta Rhymes.

Throughout Michael Eastwood’s seventeen years in the music industry, he has helped launch many artists careers, organized hundreds of successful concerts, stages at festivals and complete organization & implementation of key promotional events with major players such as Warner Brothers and Mama Group. Michael Eastwood’s ability to accelerate fame for his artists has gained him recognition throughout the music industry.

“Mastermind Promotion is here to empower talented artists and help drive their success. We believe that every musician should be in charge of their own careers, that’s why Mastermind Promotion is here to help artists rise above; providing artists with full control of their futures.” – Michael Eastwood – Founder & CEO – Mastermind Group Ltd