Oona Mitchell Bean

Royal Recording Studios - Co-Owner

Oona (“A h-Na”) Mitchell Bean is the co-owner of Royal Recording Studios. Created by the legendary Willie Mitchell, along with her brother Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, her valuable everyday input to studio continues the family’s third generation as influential music makers and producers.
Oona wears many hats as the daily administrative manager of the studio. She handles bookings and schedules maintenance, while at the same time successfully helping to modernize Royal’s market, evidenced by the studio’s inclusion as a key component of Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars collaboration 2016 Grammy winner “Uptown Funk.” That her brother Boo Mitchell won a Grammy for.
The dominating track brought great spin to Oona’s future plans for the studio and her own personal growth. Now managing Royal Radio Memphis which is dedicated to music that has something to do with Memphis, Oona’s tour manager experience grows annually. She has managed United States and European tours logistics. Oona has works for producer David Gest as his Assistant when in the states and tour management for tours in Europe with such artist as Peabo Bryson, Denise Williams, Melba Moore, the studio’s legendary gunslingers Hi Rhythm, and more also managing Take Me To The River tour dates a Memphis documentary that collides old generation of Memphis Music with the New generations. She also manages events when called on to support Memphis music. In October 2018 Oona was a key factor in producing they first Grammy P&E Wing geared strictly towards hip-hop for the Memphis Chapter. Later to learn it was a first of any Grammy (NARAS)chapter. She has produced the Guitar Drop for 2019 with artist such as Al Kapone, Frayser Boy, the Barkays and more. She has helped with many major Memphis events by taking care of artist and managing back stage areas.. Oona works with several independent artist around Memphis with learning about copyrights, and publishing. Along with producing Memphis geared shows.Oona has helped produce the Memphis Music &heritage festival put on by The Center For Southern Folklore, which now she is Board Chair. Sitting on the Board of the slim House in Memphis and also the Memphis Chapter Grammy Board. Her new endeavor is being involved in the Memphis Mojo Festival set to take place in October 2019. A festival geared solely towards what Memphis has to offer Musically & Culturally. Small, but formidable, she is becoming a giant voice of her own as an advocate for Memphis music.