Peggy Iafrate

ABC/Disney/Strega Group

Strega Group is a talent development, marketing, and events group founded in 2008 by Peggy Iafrate. Prior to 2008, Peggy gained entertainment and consumer packaged goods experience in companies like ABC/The Walt Disney Company and Kaplan, and has been honored to work with such industry giants as The Jonas Group and Kimberly-Clark Corporation as clients. Years of standing at the sound board and in the board room provided her with the unique ability to marry artists with consumer brands to create a story that produces an emotional connection and loyalty to the brand. At Strega, we build programs that enable the story to continue through digital, live event, and merchandise avenues.

Strega Group helps emerging artists learn what they need develop their brands. When an artist is “performance-ready” we secure gigs and tour opportunities empowering the artist to perfect their craft and build their brand AND audience. Next, we find the right fit brand. Together artist and consumer brands grow as one creating a bond with their target audience.